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    CFAM is a solution of products and brands for plant softgels, jelly beans, gel candies, chewing candies, soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets, solid drinks, gummies, drops, emulsions and more in the food, nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries supported by science and innovation. CFAM provides the best-in-class solution for international personalized customization and branding from R&D to ingredients to formulas to FDF manufacturing to supply.
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    • I have an idea, what if
      I don't have a formula?
    • What if I have a brand
      but no factory?
    • What if I have the formula,
      but don't have the factory?

    How to quickly build your own brand?

    Meet the individual needs of customers' products

    Innovative multi-dosage form and multiple options

    Small and large quantities can be cooperated Both domestic and international production and supply Clarify the requirements and complete it in one place

    Whole industry chain support

    Improve cost competitiveness by 35% 1-3 months lead time in advance The quality is 100% guaranteed and traceable

    Strong endorsement support

    Endorsed by international quality inspection and certification National and international article and patent endorsements Endorsed by international and domestic experts International and domestic product award endorsement

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    Ensure superior quality and product consistency

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    Enforce a two-way secrecy policy

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